Lending Criteria

Lending Criteria

There aren’t too many rules and regulations, but here they are...

We make cash advances anytime within two months from each bulk funding deposit (see table below).  We do this so you do not spend too much too early, and therefore have too little when it does actually arrive.

  • We advance up to 40% of the average of your last 3 bulk funding payments
  • Advances are in multiples of $5,000
  • Repayment is from your next bulk funding payment
  • 2 Hour approvals once we have you application
  • No fixed term contracts – you choose when to use us

We loan money during these periods:

1 January to 29 February
1 May to 30 June
1 September to 31 October


  What are the Fees?

What are the Fees?

Again, we have made this as simple as possible and incorporated all establishment fees, bank fees, credit search fees, disbursement costs and interest costs into one.

For loans made within 1 month of the next bulk funding deposit, we charge a flat $375 per $5,000 advanced.  For loans made between 1 and 2 months of the next bulk funding deposit, we charge a flat $475 per $5,000 advanced.

These are the only fees advanced.  The following is an example.

Anticipated bulk funding payment:                           $85,000
Amount requested and advanced on 2 October:        $10,000

On 1 November bulk funding date we debit
your account the original loan principle of $10,000
plus fees of $750 (2 x $375):                                     $10,750