Who is New Zealand Childcare Finance?

Who is New Zealand Childcare Finance?

NZ Childcare Finance is the only New Zealand finance company that specialises exclusively in the early childhood sector.

We are proud to work with the Early Childhood Council [ECC] of New Zealand and also ChildForum Early Childhood Network, and focus solely on its respective members financial needs.

The business is 100% owned and operated by Lena Thomson, who lives in Auckland with her husband and their three children.  Previously, Lena owned and operated a chain of Auckland based childcare centres; and having managed 45 odd staff, 300+ children and around 600 parents, she knows first hand the stress and pressures a childcare centre can create.

Lena has also had previous financial employment with trading banks and small finance companies, so is well equipped to offer financial expertise.

NZ Childcare Finance is in the business of easing financial stress and smoothing cash flows.  We are here to help.